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Msetimon - Release Information

Msetimon SourceForce Project Page


      - Added Minimal Boinc Support (Currently Linux Only - Windows Comming soon!) Thanks to Chuck Bell for being my tester and suppling me with information needed to program this feature. Boinc site is going though growing pains which made it difficult to download work units. Chuck sent me the necessary information to make the changes.
      - Misc Bug fixes

      - Added SetiQue Support
      - Multi-Hop Relay Server Option.
      - Relay Server Loop Prevention/detection
      - Misc Bug fixes

      - Systray Support for Windows. (Windows)
      - Multi columns Support
      - Queuing support for SetiHide (Windows)
      - Multiple CPUs Support when used with Queuing.
      - Fixed width columns
      - Network Neighborhood Support

      - Fixed an issue with R1.24 where it did not free up memory correctly. Thanks to Dave Shiels for point this out to me. This could potentially cause your computer to lock up after a long period of time (a few weeks)... How long was dependant on the amount of memory you have and the number of work units being monitored. Most users would probably not have a problem for acouple of weeks again depending. Dave is definitely a heavy user!

      - Feature Request added Queuing Support. This will combine multiple directories queued up by an external queuing program into one line display on the main window. I use Seti Driver for Windows and Mulitseti for Unix, all excellent Queuing programs..

      The queuing program should work if it stores the work units in directories named 1 though X depending on how many work units stored.

      - Minor bug fixes.
      - Daemon Option (or Non Gui option) for Linux users who do not have X loaded.
      ex: msetimon -d &

      - Feature Request Added Relay Server. One PC can be used as a focal point to relay all information to all other other msetimon clients. This will save on adding IP addresses for every machine you need only to populate all leaf machines with the IP address of the Relay Server.

      - Minor bug fixes.

      Note: If using the Relay Server all other msetimon versions must be R1.23 or greater. Or you the non R1.23 version will see themselves being sent back from the Relay server

      - Feature Request Added Estimated Completion Time. This can be seen in the Details Screen or you can change the Time view on the mail window to display Completion Time (Remaining Time).

      - Fixed bug with partial match on remote IP address ex: if you had one pc with and one with 192.168.1 the second remote PC would not come up because it partially matched the fist address.

      - Added Home Page under Help
      - Fixed Bug with rows not lining up when size was not equal to 100%
      - Fixed a bug with the Linux executable version. This version was not able to bring up the Add-directory feature.
      - Added Sky Map Feature.
      - Added Directory Add Button and Size feature to Properties Menu

Thanks to my Big-Bro George for being my system tester. He had lots of inputs on features.. Let me here yours. Send Mail to:

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