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Msetimon - Screen Shots

Main Window:

The Main Window shows all the computers and their status at a glance. Different Colors will indicate if the program is making progress or is currently running. See Color information on Msetimon Main Page.

Queuing Support:

Queuing Support enabled (vers 1.24) will allow the main window to graphically display information on the amount of work units processed and waiting to be process as well as the current working unit's status.

Green or Red in the last icon will show the status of the current work unit being processed (also displayed in the directories column). Yellow icons to the left of the last icon will show number of completed or processed Work Units. Light Blue icons to the left of that will the be the number of work units waiting to be processed. The total number of Icons will indicate the number of work units that you have queued.

Without Queuing support enabled you can look at all the queues or directories as pictured below. Both screens represent the same example top with queuing support enabled and below with queuing support disabled. As you can see Queuing support enabled allows a cleaner representation of the status (Less red and combined into 1 unit).

Most Queuing programs will queue up a bunch of work units that you define (ex: 6) and they put them in directories named 1 though 6. It will only work on one unit at a time. Below it is working on unit 4 and has completed work unit 3. work units 1,3,5 and 6 are waiting to be processed.

Details Window:

By a left click on the computer name or directory a details screen will appear. This will give you detailed information available about the computer and the SETI@home work unit.

Sky Map View:

By a right click on the computer name or directory a skymap view will appear. This will give you visual information on where your work unit has been recorded

Properties Window:

Below is a sample of the File Properties Pulldown menu. Its contents are described on the Msetimon Main Page.

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